Emergency Services in Hoshangabad

The city of Hoshangabad near Bhopal is well equipped to handle emergency situations. Whatever be the magnitude of situation you can always take the help of agencies to get out of it. Emergency situations are inevitable. No matter how carefully you plan your vacation you may come aross any critical siutuation but there are chances all the time for any emergency situation to occur. That’s why it’s always advisable to have emergency and helpline numbers nearby. Read on to find more on emergency and helpline facilities available in Hoshangabad city.

Emergency in Hoshangabad

In past emergency numbers have proved to be beneficial to both the tourists and the residents of the city, Hoshangabad. At any medical emergency the phone numbers of hospitals, ambulance services and blood bank are very valuable and useful. Railway station and airport helpline numbers are equally important. This would help in making any general enquiry or book tickets.
Emergency services. Same way the numbers of fire department, water department also are of great help and should be stored as well.Below are some of the important phone numbers

Railway Inquiry:131,139
Fire Brigade:101

Ambulance Services in Hoshangabad

Being a tourist area there are many hospitals and nursing homes in Hoshangabad. Ambulance services give timely assistance that helps in saving precious life. They can always come for your rescue in times of accident or emergency. Just give a call to avail their prompt services. Ambulance services in Hoshangabad provide all kind of medical help and timely help too. Below is the ambulance service available in Hoshangabad

Malvi Hospital
Address:C/O Malvi Hospital, 17, Civil Lines, Meenakshi Square, ITI Road, Hoshangabad Ho, Hoshangabad - 461001
Phone number: +(91)-7574-251944, 251777

Blood Banks in Hoshangabad

Blood bank numbers should be kept in handy as they are an important part of healthcare services. In case of major blood loss during accidents one can contact these blood banks for arranging the blood units for the patient in need. Thankfully Hoshangabad has few blood banks fulling the urgent requirement of the citizens of the city. You can find blood units of different blood groups in these blood banks.

District Hospital
Address: Blood Bank, District Hospital, Hoshangabad

Society Of St. Joseph Hospital
Address: Society Of St. Joseph Hospital, Blood Bank, Housing Board Road, Hoshangabad

Harit Blood Bank
Address: In Front Of Church, Sadar Bazar, Hoshangabad

Shreya Blood Bank
Address: Shreya Blood Bank Anand Nagar, Main Road, Hoshangabad

Police Helpline in Hoshangabad

In case of any theft, crime or robbery the police station numbers come in handy. Hence one should have police numbers also in handy. It’s the duty of the Police in Hoshangabad to ensure peace through enforcement of law and order in Hoshangabad. The police of Hoshangabad are quite efficient on doing this and they are 24X7 active in sorting people’s issue and maintain discipline in the city.There are police station in all-important areas and can be contacted at any time to report any issues like theft, robbery, harassment, etc.

Superintendent of Police
email id: [email protected]

Police station Hoshangabad
Address: Ankita Nagar Rd, Balaganj, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
Phone:075 74 252480

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