Sports in Hoshangabad

Hoshangabad in well know for its ghats along the Narmada river. Sports have been an important part in the life style of the residents of this city. People in Hoshangabad like to play for leisure and pleasure. Hoshangabad is a town popular for tourism and small industries. Residents do not have much options for entertainment, as it is a small town. Bot the city has a healthy and sporty life. Thanks to number of sports avenues that have contributed in the physical well being of the citizens of the region.

Sports in Hoshangabad

Badminton, cricket and football are few sports, which is enjoyed and practiced by people in Hoshangabad. The residents of Hoshangabad like to play different outdoor sports and indulge in healthy fitness habit. They make sure that sport becomes an integral part of their life that would keep them active. There are many clubs that organize annual sports meet and play games between different communities.

Cricket in Hoshangabad

Cricket is played by all over India. It has become like a religion for the youngster of India. Kids and elders both are huge fan of cricket and can be seen playing gully cricket in every street corner. Keeping this in mind Narmadapuram division cricket association has been opened which trains and coaches kids professionally. Here kids get trained professionally to play professionally in the field. The ground provided by the association is one of the best in the city for the kids to practice. Trained coaches give these kids training in cricket for better future as a cricketer besides playing it for pleasure and leisure.

Football in Hoshangabad

After cricket, football is one of the popular games among youngsters in Hoshangabad. People here love to indulge in active sports, and thus enjoy the thrill of playing football. This is a game that doesn’t need any props and can be played in empty ground with a ball. Further it doesn’t need any specialized pitch or other equipment like cricket. In school and colleges a playground has been made for students especially dedicated for them to play football. KendriyaVidhyalaya Hoshangabad Football ground is famous football ground where students many interschool matches are organized every year.

Stadiums and Playgrounds in Hoshangabad

There are few indoor stadiums in Hoshangabad where badminton is played. In these indoor stadiums other games like table tennis is also played. The locals that organize badminton games among the residents as a recreational event have formed many private small clubs. Nehru Stadium in Harda is one of the most famous stadium near Hoshangabad. For long time it has remained venue for various events and tournaments.

S. K Ground
Karnawat Valle Road
Harsud, Hoshangabad

S.K Ground
Khandwa, Harsud Road, Hoshangabad

Sports Goods Dealers in Hoshangabad

Hoshangabad has lots of sports good dealer. These dealers sell sports items at cheaper price to the customer. One can find youngsters making a huge crowd in this place. These sports emporium deal with all best items and branded product. It has all equipment so that the residents can enjoy a blissful game.

Kamal Musical and Sports
Address: Itwara Bazar, Hoshangabad, Main Road, Hoshangabad

Sachin Sports
Address: Piparia, Hoshangabad, Shobhapur Road, Piparia, Hoshangabad

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